About Us

Our journey started with our founder’s passion and love for sports. Being an athlete himself, he discovered that in early 2000’s, products made available to athletes in subcontinent countries were merely affordable products rather than quality performance enhancing products. This was the core drive behind building a sportswear manufacturing company which continue to develop innovative performance enhancing designs with great passion for talented athletes globally.

We have been trading as a wholesale sportswear manufacturer for global sporting brands for number of years and now we have entered the same market with a Sportswear Brand of our own. ACIDUZ SPORT supplies to a wide array of sports, with a global client network. The exposure that we have gained from the global sports industry and the knowledge we have gathered by working together with International Sports Teams enabled us to build a strong foundation for our company. We believe in creating the best products; hence we continue to invest in product innovation and development in order to supply the highest quality apparel to our global client network.

Our main operations are based in Docklands Australia, and our manufacturing is carried out of the subcontinent. We being subject matter experts in sportswear, we work together with our clients throughout the process of manufacturing. Our inhouse designers have been exposed to the global market and the designs we create are customised to each client.

ACIDUZ SPORTS offers a wide range of both on-field & off -field Products and everything in between.

“Growing up as an athlete, high-quality sportswear was far out of reach for me, merely because it wasn’t affordable. With that thought in mind, my drive for creating a high quality, performance enhancing, affordable sportswear BRAND began. 17 years later, there’s only one thing to say, Quality Sportswear is not just for the pro’s, it’s for all of you as well”

Nu Mendis (Founder – ACIDIZ SPORT)


“Victorious moments are preserved for years.
We create timeless sportswear for champions and I’m proud to be a part of this GLOBAL BRAND”

Viduni Fernando (CEO – ACIDUZ SPORT)